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Chatteris Osteopaths and Complementary Health Clinic, West Park Street, Chatteris, PE16 6AL
Ongoing regular activity. On Monday, Thursday. 10.00 - 11.00. Weekly.

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Michelle Bird
BarreConcept, Pilates and Pre & Post Natal Teacher
07931 814024

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The classes are in association with Chatteris Osteopaths and Complementary Health Clinic and will be focused towards rehabilitation rather than 'fitness' Pilates. Our rehab Pilates is suitable for everything from sports injuries to arthritic conditions.

Pilates can be used to rehabilitate the body after surgery and injury. It is also great for relieving the pain of certain orthopaedic conditions, aiding mobility, restoring function, strength, flexibility and balance. It helps to reduce pain and improve overall well being of the mind and body. The classes provide a gentle yet in-depth structure working on the entire body as well as the injured area to ensure maximum recovery and overall fitness.

Once you begin rehabilitation Pilates, you'll train your body to become balanced and efficient, which in turn increases your neuromuscular control. This means you will be less likely to get strains and sprains. Michelle is a level 3 certified Pilates teacher and specialises in Pilates for common Orthopaedic conditions. To Book Please visit the website. Improver Level 6.30pm Beginner Level 7.30pm


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Chatteris Osteopaths and Complementary Health Clinic
24 West Park Street
PE16 6AL


  • Accessible toilet without alarm

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