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Jessica Auton
Marketing Director
01480 352 821
07455 922 122

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Activ8rlives provides tools for self-onitoring with the ability to receive eMentoring from the family group, self-help groups or from clinical teams. The Company offers a range of health monitors, from activity trackers through to electronic “smart” scales, Smartphone Food Diary App to Peak Flow meters and Pulse Oximeters. The online communities combine empowerment through self monitoring with the added dynamic of group support and motivation. Groups can be led by clinicians or used to provide one-to-one coaching, to improve clinical outcomes.

Users can track: physical activity, body measurements and weight, lung function and cardiovascular health, blood glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol, C-reactive protein, International Normalized Ratio (INR), medication and bacterial infection markers. Custom trackers such as: dress size, training sessions, pool laps per session, runs per week, sleep duration, allergy reactions, mood, fertility, temperature - in fact anything that can be measured – can be created. Users can join groups of like-minded people or set up their own group to share their successes with family, friends or colleagues in a secure environment. Activ8rlives is free to use and there are no joining or subscription fees.




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14 Elizabeth Drive
PE29 1WA

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Kevin Auton
Managing Director
01480 352 821
07455 565 790
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