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Mrs Win Hughes
Hon Secretary
01353 610890 (Daytime)
01353 610890 (Evening)

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Aims to maintain and promote the twinning between Ely and Ribe (Denmark's oldest town), which was established in 1956. We help to facilitate exchanges between individuals, organisations and groups of Ely Parish and their counterparts in Ribe.

Members play host to twintown visitors (approx. every 2 years). Members visit Ribe approx. every 2 years, staying with twintown members. Members pay a subscription of £10 a year, which goes towards the cost of events, and also pay their own costs for visits to Denmark.

The City of Ely Council provides funding to support the development of the twinning and the hosting of guests from Ribe. 6 members of the Association sit on the Ely-Ribe Committee of the Council.

In 2006, the Association celebrated 50 years of twinning with Ribe by commissioning the Ely-Ribe Tapestry, which is now on display at the Maltings on Ely's Riverside.

The Association's committee organises social events for members 3/4 times a year, e.g. BBQ, Quiz Night & Annual Dinner.

Website: http://www.elyribe-tapestry.co.uk http://www.elyribe-tapestry.co.uk

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