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Not-for-profit organisation
Support for special needs
Social interaction difficulties
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Ages 16 to 60

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Edward Shevlin

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Hammer and Tong Productions is a not for profit community Co Operative the company works, in four main strands. The first strand is in production of feature film and documentary film. The second strand in the rehabilitation of youth offenders. The third strand is working with community groups promoting their projects. The fourth strand is promoting local musician and artist.

Our overall aims are to improve people’s lives from a disadvantage background, to generate self-help projects through the world of Music Art Drama and Creative Writing. Working along side well established organisations in the world of Rehabilitation, working with people who may have. (Mental Health problems,) (Drug Addiction,) (Ex Offenders, and Young Offenders).

We are committed to education through providing accessible music, drama, creative writing, filmmaking and technology based workshops for young offenders. Our workshops can be tailored to the interests of the individual groups tacking part on the course and meet the needs.

We have contact the Directors of Offender Management (DOM) to bring to their attention to the rehabilitation programme that we are proposing, so that they may consider it alongside the other activities which are being delivered in their area. Then consider whether it meets the needs of their offender population and that it is efficient and operationally viable if it meets those requirements then they should be able to provide support in evaluating the effectiveness of the project in delivering its aims.

It is well documented that poverty hurts and that it creates limited opportunities. Young offenders all too frequently come from deprived backgrounds and may feel alienated by mainstream education. We operate as a co-operative and with other groups to encourage and enable young individuals to develop skills through drama and music.

The creative arts enhance the development of constructive narratives, enable self-esteem and self-efficacy, encourage group work and networking but do so in ways that are not imposed ‘from above’ (Arts Council 2010; 2011). We are grounded in the spirit of producing work together but with structure. Clear aims and outcomes are imperative so that participants undergo a programme with a beginning and end.

They will be able to experience their input but actually see, hear and benefit from it. We aim to produce psychological certificates of pride.

Other specialist provision: Youth and Ex-Offenders / Drug and Alcohol Advice/

Website: http://www.hammerandtong.org.uk http://www.hammerandtong.org.uk

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67 Chalmers Rd
South Cams
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