Contributors' User Guide

How do I register?

Registering with is free and means that you can publicise details of organisations that you are involved with on, easily reaching a wide audience.

To sign up, just fill in your details and complete the sign up process.

Once you have registered your details on the system, you will be asked to complete a separate form telling us about your organisation. You can come back after the initial registration to update the details of your organisation, as well as adding events, activities and courses.

Do I need to register twice to represent two organisations?

No. You can have more than one organisation on the same account, so don't need to register twice if for example you represent both the bowls club and your gardening group.

What information can I add to

The database lists community-related organisations in Cambridgeshire. Once you are a registered user, you can list details of as many organisations as you like, as long as you are an official representative of these organisations and they are not already in the database.

For each organisation, first complete the 'Add Organisation' form and then submit it to the administration team for publishing. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, reserves the right not to publish records which do not meet the conditions of participation.

Once your organisation record has been approved you will be emailed to confirm this, and your listing will then be accessible to the public at

Your organisation record will include the name of your organisation, a description, contact details and any key addresses.
Consider the contact email address you publish. If your organisation has a generic email address, it is probably better to publish that one rather than your own personal email address.

You can list as many organisations, events, courses, etc as you wish. You do not have to wait until your organisation has been published before you can submit its events, courses, etc. but they won't appear on until it has.

The process of adding, editing, viewing and deleting your entries is the same, whether you are creating an organisation, an event, or any other of your records.

How to add an organisation

  1. If you are not yet registered with, complete the Registration form.
  2. Log in to by clicking 'Log in'.
  3. If you want to list an organisation, first check whether that organisation is already in the database by using the search. If your organisation is already there, and you now need to take ownership of the record, contact the administration team.
  4. If the organisation is not already in the database, click the ‘Create a new Organisation record’ link on your Control Panel. Complete each step of the form and proceed from page to page using the ‘next’ button and finally click ‘submit’ to confirm. The entry you have submitted will be listed on your Contributor Homepage. Its status will remain as 'Submitted' until the administrator has published the entry.
  5. If, while completing a form, you decide that you wish to leave the the process and come back later, or clarify some details, you can save your progress using the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of page. When you return, any changes made so far will have been saved and you may continue and complete the form as required.

How to add an event, activity, course or news item

Once your organisation record has been submitted, you can add entries for events, courses, activities and news relating to that organisation, using the same steps as above.

From your organisation list, select the organisation in question. Choose from the following list and complete the relevant forms:

  1. Add Event - Events tend to have a defined start and end and could last for anything from an afternoon to a month or more. They are publicised widely to attract participants or an audience.
  2. Add Activity - This is where people meet together on a regular basis with a specific purpose e.g. football training every Tuesday evening during term time. The activity could occur between specific start and end date, such as a holiday club. Alternatively, it might be ongoing, taking place through most of the year, in which case there is no need to define a start and end date.
  3. Add Course - Courses are any structured learning activity, whether it lasts an afternoon or an evening a week for several weeks. Courses do not have to lead to qualifications and can be informal. If your learning opportunity is very informal in nature, you might want to record it as an event, e.g. climbing wall taster session with tuition, or as a regular activity, e.g. drop-in computer surgery.
  4. Add News - News items help to publicise organisations and specific events, e.g. to let people know how much was raised by a sponsored walk. They are also useful if you are looking for new members or participants.

How to edit an entry

  1. Log in to by clicking 'Log in'.
  2. Locate the record(s) you wish to edit and then select the ‘edit’ control.
  3. You will now have the option to edit a number of fields relating to the record that was originally submitted. Once you have made any necessary changes, proceed to the final form using the ‘next’ button and select ‘submit’ to confirm those changes.
  4. If while completing a form you decide that you wish to leave the process and come back later, or clarify some details, you can save your progress using the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of page. When you return, any changes made so far will have been saved and you may continue and complete the form as required.

How to delete an entry

  1. Log in to by clicking 'Log in'.
  2. Locate the record(s) you wish to delete and then select the ‘delete’ control.
  3. A prompt tells you at this point that your record has been sent to the recycle bin and is removed from the live system.
  4. If you wish to undo these changes and restore the entry, select the ‘Recycle bin’ link from the left-hand side, locate the relevant organisation and click ‘Restore’.

Are there any rules about using roads for an event?

If you are organising an event in Cambridgeshire which affects a highway, such as a fun run or carnival, you must obtain the relevant highways-related permissions.

There is lots of useful information on the Cambridgeshire County Council transport pages, including an events checklist, safety tips and links to the necessary application forms.

Are you having problems using Internet Explorer 9?

If you are having problems with the contributor pages when using Internet Explorer 9 use the Compatibility Mode. To turn Compatibility View on, click the Compatibility View button to make the icon change from an outline to a solid colour.

What should I do if there is a problem?

If you experience a problem with, please contact the administrator to ask for help.

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