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What is

What is

To find out more about, please refer to our About section.

Who maintains the community database?

Cambridgeshire County Council maintains and administers the database, but the information in the system is provided and maintained by registered contributors on behalf of their organisation.

What information does the database include? lists over 4500 Cambridgeshire organisations including voluntary groups, self-help groups, charities, council services relevant to the community, and loose groupings of individuals who meet and may welcome new members.

It also lists hundreds of events, regular activities and courses run by these organisations.

Note that some commercial organisations are included. These organisations are included where information about them adds value to the system. They may have been added specifically to appeal to a particular audience, such as younger people, or judged to complement the information and services available from the public, voluntary and charitable sectors. We reserve the right to decide what material may or may not be included on the site (see the Terms and Conditions for details).

Is the information up to date?

Every organisation record displays the date it was last updated. Contributors are contacted annually to review their organisation's entry. If an organisation fails to respond to any of the three reminders, the organisation's entry is removed from the website. Contributors are encouraged to visit the site and update their record whenever something has changed that they want to publicise.

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My organisation is not yet listed on How can I add it?

The first step is to register with the site. For more information about adding entries, please visit the contributors' help section.

If you experience any difficulties please use our Feedback Form, or phone (01223) 729080 during office hours.

My organisation is already listed in How can I access my record?

If your organisation is already listed, please notify us using the Comment Form. The administrator then will contact you to help you gain access to the system.

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What should I do if I notice an error in the database?

If you know of something that should be changed or updated, please notify us using the Comment Form, or call the administrator on (01223) 729080.

What if the organisation or type of activity I am looking for is not listed?

The community database is constantly growing. If you know of an organisation or type of activity that you think ought to be included, please notify us:

What should I do if I have a complaint about a listed organisation or activity?

Please contact the organisation directly in the first instance. If you cannot resolve the matter, then notify us using the Comment Form, or call the administrator on (01223) 729080.

Other questions

What about information relating to counties outside Cambridgeshire? includes some information about organisations in neighbouring counties but more comprehensive information can be found at the following websites:

Are there any rules about events using roads?

If you are organising an event in Cambridgeshire which affects a highway, such as a fun run or carnival, you must obtain the relevant highways-related permissions.

There is lots of useful information on the Cambridgeshire County Council transport pages (opens in new window), including an events checklist, safety tips and links to the necessary application forms.

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