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New features have been added to The main changes are in the contributor pages, used by people adding information to the site directly. Do let us know your thoughts. has one or two new releases each year with new features and fixes, so it's always worth letting us know if you have an idea for how the site could improve. As you can imagine, there are always more ideas than resources, so we have to prioritise changes. Telling us your priorities lets us know what is most important to you, the users.

Improvements for people who log in to upload their own information

We now have thousands of "online contributors" who log in to regularly to add events, activities and courses. 

  • Copying Records

You can now save time by making copies of your existing event, activity, course and news records for re-use rather than having to create each new record from scratch. 

  • Social Media Links

We have added additional fields so you can add links to your organisation’s social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For event, activity, course and news records, you can also add Flickr, Foursquare and YouTube links. 

  • Volunteering Opportunities

To help with the recruitment of volunteers, you can now tick a box to indicate that your organisation offers volunteering opportunities. 

  • Organisation Category

This field is now mandatory so you need to tick at least one of the boxes. This will help people to find your organisation when searching by the relevant organisation category. 

  • Time Format

We now use the 24 hour time format to display the times of events, activities and courses as this makes it easier to share information with other websites so please use this format when submitting your information. Please include the end time of the event if known. 

  • Price

This is now a mandatory field. If your event is free, please enter ‘Free’. This will help people find your event when searching for ‘Free’ events. 

  • Event Attendance

We are now asking you to indicate the approximate number of people you are expecting to attend your event if the figure is likely to exceed 500. The information you provide will we be passed to the Police and other Blue Light services to help them in planning the allocation of their resources at peak times. The event attendance figure will not be displayed on the website.

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