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Ongoing regular activity. week of the month. On . 10.00. The group meet often and have no fixed day or time of the month.
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Rebecca Robinett
01354 654321

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Street Pride gives volunteers the opportunity to make a difference to their local environment by holding community led enhancement projects. This can include enhancing nature areas, creating floral displays, litter picking, tree and bulb planting, improving disused premises and painting out graffiti

They are a great way to meet like minded people, good exercise and very rewarding!

The group meet twice monthly, not always on the same day or place. For more information check the calendar on the Street Pride Website

Website: http://www.cambridgeshire.net/search/Results.aspx http://www.cambridgeshire.net/search/Results.aspx?searchText=%22whittlesey+street+pride+event%22&searchType=Event,Activity

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