I would like to help


If you would like to help there are many voluntary organisations, community groups and sports clubs looking for volunteers in a variety of roles. Volunteering is open to everyone - whatever your age, interests or spare time, there are hundreds of ways you can help

Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres provide a unique service in communities. They provide a source of independent information on volunteering for local people and for voluntary and community organisations.

Volunteer Centres are often a good place to start looking for volunteering opportunities in the local area. They can find out what you're interested in doing, and find the best match with a suitable volunteering role with a local charity or voluntary organisation. Where training is necessary, this will be arranged by the organisation you join, so don't worry if you haven't got all the skills you need right now.

Volunteering Opportunities

www.do-it.org is the national database of volunteering opportunities and is populated mainly by Volunteer Centres, acting as a shop window for local volunteering opportunities. Search more than 1 million volunteering opportunities by interest, activity or location and apply online.

CharityJOB is the UK’s busiest site for charity jobs and volunteering opportunities. They regularly have more than 1000 voluntary, internship and trustee positions available across 27 job categories.

I want to set up a group in my own community

If your group will help people who are older or vulnerable to avoid social isolation, a Community Development officer at Care Network can help you set it up. You might have a firm idea, such as a community café, social group or car scheme, or just a desire to help. They can talk to you about the next steps you need to take and support you to get started.


Timebanks are community initiatives in which residents exchange knowledge, help and skills on the basis of time. So, one hour you give mowing someone’s lawn gives you one credit. You could then spend that credit on something else on offer e.g. an hour of Spanish conversation or support with learning a new IT skill.

There are six Timebanks in Cambridgeshire; Cambridge, Somersham, Cambourne, Littleport, St Neots and St Ives.

Timebanks are free to join.


Cambridgeshire Community Foundation helps donors (including local people, families, companies, national and local government, and other charities) to learn about and support local charitable causes and voluntary groups that are of interest to them.

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